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I have no idea how to translate "roosterkoek" into English.  First of all, it is not "koek" (cake) as called in Afrikaans, but rather bread.  Let me rather explain what it is.   It is pieces of normal bread dough, cut in portions of about 8x8 cm and then baked on a grill over coals.   Maybe griddle cake would do…


Use the same recipe as for normal bread or, for an even faster method, use self-raising flour.  The normal bread dough is tastier however.


a.  When self raising flour is used, the flour is mixed with cold water, kneaded and rolled (or just flattened with your hands) and then it is ready to be cut and baked.  It does not have to rise beforehand as it contains baking powder and will start rising the moment it lands on the grill.

b.  Use the basic bread recipe.  Let the dough rise for 30 minutes, knead back and then roll out to a thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm.  Cut into pieces of 8 x 8 cm.  Dust a flat dish or oven pan with flour to prevent the pieces from sticking.  Preheat the pan slightly, pack the pieces in the dish, far enough apart so that they will not stick together when rising.   Cover with plastic and place in a warm place to rise.

At a campfire or in a lapa it can be a problem to find a warm place in which to keep the dough.   During the day, the best will then be to put it in a vehicle with closed windows parked in the sun or in the evening the dish can be placed in a container with lukewarm water.  Replenish the water from time to time to keep the dough warm enough.   A large cool bag with a hot water bottle or warm stones in it can also work.  Be creative.

As soon as the roosterkoeke has risen to about double their original thickness, they can be placed on the grill.  Keep them high from the coals in order to bake slowly without burning.  Turn the frequently and if they are thick, you could even let them stand against each other on their sides from time to time.

The roosterkoeke are ready when they make a hollow sound when tapped.    Slice open and spread with butter and jam.

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