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This custard pudding has stood the test of time in our family.   It allows you to to make your own variations depending on what you have available.  You can vary the biscuits, the fruit and even the jam, depending on what's in your grocery cupboard.


  1. 50ml custard powder

  2. 2-3 bananas

  3. 2½ table spoons sugar

  4. Half a tin of any type of canned fruit - without the sauce

  5. 500ml milk

  6. ½ a pack of ginger biscuits

  7. 5ml vanilla essence

  8. 3 table spoons of apricot jam


  • Mix the custard, sugar and milk in a deep ± 2 litre container

  • Heat and stir until starting to boil

  • Mix in the vanilla and jam

  • Break the ginger biscuits in ± 8 pieces each and mix in

  • Slice up the fruit and mix in

The pudding can be served hot or cold.  Ice cream compliments it.

© 2019 by Gerrit Louw