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The basic bread recipe given above can be baked in a flat-bottomed cast iron pot.

When baking a bread in a pot, you first have to make a fire for about 45 to 60 minutes on the spot where you want to put the pot in order to heat the spot to the right temperature.  Remove all the coals from the spot, place the pot with the dough on the heated spot. 

Prepare the dough in the same way as described in the basic bread recipe and give it ample time to rise to the desired height.  Remember to spray the pot beforehand or grease with cooking margarine.   The time desired for the spot to heat is normally sufficient time for preparation and rising.

Spread the coals in a circle around the pot and make sure that they do not touch the pot, but are near enough to heat the pot well.  Put a few coals on the lid of the pot as well - not too many.

The pot bread will take 45 minutes to 60 minutes to bake.  Keep a small fire going to replenish the coals from time to time.  When the bread makes a hollow sound when tapped, it is ready

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