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People from the Cape, such as myself, love sandwiches that have been toasted on the coals.

When preparing sandwiches to be toasted, be careful not to use ingredients that some of your guests may not like.   It is easy to compose sandwiches with the ingredients to suit different tastes and then mark them by using different colours of thread.


  1. Thin slices of brown or white bread.

  2. Margarine / Green pepper / Onion

  3. Cheddar cheese

  4. Tomato

  5. Salt, coarsely ground black pepper and oregano.

  6. Different colours thread


  • Slice the different types of vegetables.

  • Make a normal sandwich with the vegetables, cheese, salt, pepper and oregano, keeping in mind the difference in preferences of your guests.

  • When toasting the sandwiches on an open grill without a top, it is best to tie all of them with thread to keep them together, but in the case of a grill with a top, only the ones that differ need be tied with different colours of thread for identification. 

  • The coals must not be too hot and normally the coals are just right after the meat has been barbequed.  The sandwiches do not take long to toast, but be careful to turn them over every half minute as  they burn easily.

Top tip: Open the grill a few times at the start of the process to prevent them from sticking to the grill.  After a while, as they dry out on the outside, they will not stick to the grill anymore.

See "Roosterkoek" and "Potbrood" (pot bread) under bread.

* Afrikaans terminology:

Bakoond – an outside wood-burning oven

Boerewors – a spicy farm sausage

Braai – a BBQ

Potjie – a stew, slow-cooked in an iron pot over an open fire.

Sosaties – meat kebabs, usually with a curry sauce

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