The name Koeëlkop was derived from the bullets (Afrikaans = koeël) of the English soldiers, from the period of the Anglo-Boer war, that were often found lying around on top of this prominent hill, that overlooks Carnarvon.

From the top of Koeëlkop one has a birds eye view of Carnarvon to the north-east, the abattoir in the East, the Skietfontein settlement in the west and the airfield to the south-west.   It is a wonderful experience to watch the sun go down from this high elevation, see the countryside changing in colour and the shadows moving in, with a Vaal Korhaan protesting loudly in the distance.

On the way from the entrance gate to Koeëlkop, it is worthwhile to take a detour to the left, stop at the memorial of the Ossewatrek and experience another glimpse into the history of South Africa.

One can assume that Koeëlkop would have been an important lookout point for the guards during the war, but today it serves as a site for the water reservoir that supplies water to Carnarvon.   Lately the remnants of an old English fort was rebuilt on top of Koeëlkop. 

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