On the farm Klein Springbokoog near Van Wyksvlei, one of the biggest collections of San art is found.    This semi desert land is covered with black dolerite boulders and the San craftsmen used these boulders to engrave figures and depict scenes that had symbolic meaning to them.   


Although San art can be found on almost all farms in the North Western Karoo and Bushmanland, the collection on Klein Springbokoog is the most comprehensive and it is definitely worthwhile to travel the 80 km of dirt road from Carnarvon to VanWyksvlei, turn left at the only stop and then about 30 km more to see this wonderful collection. 


Appointments must be made with Rina van Wyk well in advance. Rina's phone no: 053 3832 ask for Van Wyksvlei 1212

Those interested to learn more about this interesting ethnic group, their culture, their art and their wonderful folklore, will enjoy reading the following books.

  1. Janette Deacon & Craig Foster:  My heart stands in the hill.

  2. Edward and Cathelinje Eastwood: Capturing the Spoor.

  3. John Parkington, David Morris & Neil Rusch: Karoo rock engravings

  4. Texas University Anthropology Series, Edited by J.D.Lewis: Stories that float from afar.

Rock engravings on Klein Springbokoog

Rock engravings and San tools found on the farms Wonderheuwel and Bruinpunt

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